Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shake Shack Attack and NYC Trip Wrap-Up

You know how sometimes, you hear about a restaurant that everyone lines up to eat at, but once you actually get the chance to eat there, the food is less-than-stellar? Well, Shake Shack is not one of those places. It was absolutely fantastic!! It tasted just like my mom's homemade hamburgers. Karen shared her cheese fries with me. They were fine, but I would choose to have them plain if I ever have the great good fortune to eat there again.

I walked from Madison Square Park to Grand Central in beautiful, early-fall weather to catch a ride on the New Haven Line to see the SWELL gang. It was so fun to just hang out with Liz, talk to her about whatever, play around with the kids a little and enjoy the afternoon. Check out this picture of the result of the youngest's encounter with Mr. Softee:

I made my plane home on Saturday morning with very little time to spare. I loved my visit with family and friends, but it was so wonderful to come home to my sweetheart. I missed him!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Improving Invalid

Kiki is really improving by leaps and bounds. She went with me to Chinatown and even negotiated the stairs up and down at the subway station without any problems. It's quite impressive.

Rowdy went home this morning. I think that we could have done some things that would have made his stay more enjoyable, had he stayed longer, but he's not an East Coast boy at all.

Peggy J., Sharon F. and I had dinner tonight at Mercer Kitchen. It was so wonderful to see them and catch up. They are always lively conversationalists, intelligent and fun. Mercer Kitchen's food was delicious, especially their molten chocolate cake with toffee ice cream.

This morning, I ran across the Brooklyn Bridge. I'll have to do it again tomorrow and Saturday, because we're going to Shake Shack for lunch tomorrow. Then I'm off to New Roc City to see the SWELL gang. Can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Culinary Successes and Failure

Gray's Papaya Hot Dog

Here's your slice, Julie! Onions, mushrooms, olives and sausage. Yummy!!

Rowdy did not really enjoy the Tour de Upper West and East Sides. Hmmm...guess I really didn't think that through very well. I just wanted to show him where I lived and worked, but for him it was just walking by buildings. I was so excited to find that there was a Magnolia Bakery on Columbus, so I ran in for a cupcake. After all, it should taste like a Buttercup Bake Shop cupcake, right? Well, no. The frosting tasted like whipped shortening, and the red velvet cupcake tasted like sawdust. Rats!

The evening turned out better. Dinner was great, and then we ate ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. We all said that we weren't going to have any, but then I caved, then Kiki, then Rowdy.

We did have a celebrity sighting today--Mary Louise Parker was sitting a table over from us at Grimaldi's.

Big Apple Adventures

My sister, Kiki, had some surgery last week, so Rowdy and I are staying with her in Brooklyn for a few days. I'm not sure how much we're really helping her out, other than entertaining her. She's doing quite well, actually.

Rowdy has never really pined to see New York. He only really was interested in seeing the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. That was easily accomplished yesterday. Then I made him walk over the Brooklyn Bridge back to Kiki's house. We are going to Grimaldi's for pizza tonight, Julie. We can't wait!

Today, I'm dragging Rowd uptown to see my old stomping grounds. It's going to be weird, knowing that so many of my friends from back in the day have moved away. I am also hoping for a celebrity sighting or two. I have to admit that I have missed them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Some People Know How to Deal With Their Fans, Some Don't

Rowdy is talking with one of his motorcycle racing heroes, Kevin Schwantz, right now. Mr. Schwantz was totally gracious and nice, willing to chitchat and sign an autograph without being all "I'm one of the greatest motorcycle racers ever. I'm Valentino Rossi's hero. Don't bug me."

Contrast that with Nicky Hayden, who was a big jerk to my friend, Ally, over the weekend. I'm looking forward to hearing that story in its entirety.


Well, according to our friends, Kevin Schwantz got punched last night by a friend of theirs because he wouldn't stop hitting on a girl that works for him. So, he's really good with fans, but maybe you don't want to leave him alone with your sister.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks for the awesome b-day present, Rowdy!

Every day should start with a Diet Coke break

Warm and dry, enjoying the Red Bull Rookies race and the 125cc race.

Hurricane Ike wanted to see the race, too.

Literally wringing wet.

The MotoGP race today was awesome! My boy, Valentino Rossi, put on a great show in horrible weather, biding his time and finally passing Nicky Hayden about halfway through. By the time they called the race at lap 20, he had opened up a commanding lead. Did he know it was my birthday?

The day started off a little cloudy, then there were some sprinkles, then a downpour with 40 mph winds. We stayed put, because I didn't want to go back to the hotel and find out that they actually ran the race after all.

Per Strong Bad, every trip needs a catch phrase, like "jumbo-large", or "the expenseeviest". Our "JL" of the trip so far is "Shamwow!" When the track crew was trying to dry the track out for the GP race, some drunk dude behind us yelled, "Shamwow!!!"

We Don't Like Ike

I hope that the Witch, Warlock, Pippi, Bardo and the nipper-to-be are all okay down in Houston.

Our experience with the remnants of Ike in the next post.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

88 Lines About 44 Years

1964 I was born a middle-class white child in a smallish Idaho city. Mom, Dad, Dayna and I live in a little house on Highland.
1965 My sister, Dayna, and I were totally spoiled by our parental grandparents. I think I got a new Barbie every week.
1966 I learn that bumblebees don't want to be petted. Did you know that?
1967 Daddy takes a teaching job in a small Oregon logging town. DeeDee and I dance in the Scandinavian Festival.
1968 My favorite books are A Little Old Man and Hop On Pop. I can still remember how it felt when the letters on the page suddenly had meaning.
1969 Mom takes me to kindergarten on the back of her bicycle. Our class went on a field trip to a dairy, where we had Oreos and chocolate milk--the only time I've ever liked chocolate milk.
1970 First grade lasts all of two weeks. I cried every day of second grade.
1971 Our family is complete with the arrival of Kiki. She is instantly the star of the family.
1972 Thanks, Olga Korbut, for getting me interested in gymnastics. I attend the Oregon Academy of Artistic Gymnastics. I am the 8-and under City Backstroke Champ.
1973 I am not very good at math.
1974 For some reason, I was very interested in the Patty Hearst saga, and pray for her every night. The Vietnam War was also the cause of much concern.
1975 Back to Idaho, and starting jr. high. If you want to know what I looked like, find a picture of Christian Soriano. Tragic.
1976 Bicentennial festivities.
1977 Cristy Greenwood is my next-door neighbor and best friend. Why do I always have to be Donny when we sing the farewell song from the Donny and Marie show as we get off the bus?
1978 I had a crush on Bart Naylor for the longest time, but he grew up to be fat and live in Boise. Let that be a lesson to young women everywhere.
1979 DeeDee graduated from high school. I discover punk music, and I like it.
1980 My first boyfriend was Randy Potter. He was a stud.
1981 High school graduation and leaving Boise for the bright lights of...Provo. "At least I'm out of Boise," is my motto.
1982 I am so lucky to have Cristy, Jenny, Stephanie, Linda and Carrie as roommates and truly BFF. They helped me become the woman I am today.
1983 My most unusual job--artists' model. I refused to do conventional things like food service.
1984 Cindy Kay and Sharon are added to my BFF list, and I meet my future ex-husband. What if that's the way he had been introduced to me?
1985 Would you believe I graduated with a degree in Physical Education? Pfft!!
1986 Grad school and BYU Theatre Ballet Corps de Ballet. I love dancing.
1987 Graduated with a Master's in Health Promotion, and get a job in...banking. It was an education, to be sure.
1988 My gallbladder and I part company acrimoniously. It gives me compassion for the people I later treat.
1989 It seemed like a good idea at the time. I did get some terrific in-laws out of it.
1990 Kansas City isn't such a bad place to live. And I made my first trip to Europe.
1991 Columbia, South Carolina is also nice. It is here that I learn to tap dance.
1992 Munich works its way into my heart. I performed in community theater and with the local ballet company.
1993 It occurs to me that I actually do have what it takes to go to medical school. Fortunately, I have a supportive husband.
1994 I'm on the President's Honor Roll at the University of South Carolina. The road to med school begins.
1995 I was so blessed to be able to go to med school. I honestly loved every day of it.
1996 I love anatomy, and was the lead TA for the PA/PT anatomy course. Actually, I had three jobs and went to school.
1997 Charleston is a beautiful city. The most beautiful smell is the tea olive plant; the worst is the horses.
1998 My first exposure to living in NYC. I flirt briefly with the idea of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.
1999 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
2000 I never knew I could hurt so badly, but Heavenly Father blessed me to have a very strong support network.
2001 My testimony grows by leaps and bounds by service to others, really studying the scriptures, and knowing some exceptional people.
2002 Turns out that I really do like Interventional Radiology as much as I thought I would. Diane gets her groove back with the rainforest zip line tour guide.
2003 I probably dated more men this year than in six years of college, and I still find time to run a marathon.
2004 Finishing residency, passing the boards, and starting fellowship. The NYC Temple is dedicated, and I live right next door.
2005 Rowdy--what can I say My Love?? You were so worth the wait.
2006 More adventure, love and joy than I ever dreamed possible. I lucked out a second time with the in-laws. Also, would anyone have ever guessed that I'd be Primary President?
2007 J, K,and M learn that their mom and dad will always find each other. Gelato Two-a-Days are mandatory when travelling in Italy.
2008 I don't know how to express how much I love my sweet, strong, thoughtful and supportive husband. What does the future hold? Surely more adventures!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Biggest Small Town

While running at Mission Trails on Friday morning, we crossed paths with an older gentleman wearing a hat with the initials "MD" on it. I was wearing my med school t-shirt. We crossed the same man's path when we were done with our run. He came up to me and said, "Excuse me, but I couldn't help but notice your MUSC shirt. When did you graduate?" It turns out that he is a retired MD from Columbia, SC, who is also an alumnus of my med school. He is good friends with the surgeons I used to work with when I was a tech.

Tonight was our good friends' wedding. We looked across the aisle and saw another good friend's ex-girlfriend, with whom we have gone on several double dates. Her date was a guy that Rowdy occasionally works with who has come over and played on our climbing wall. He's a high school friend of the groom.

At dinner, we were seated next to a couple who are the parents of a friend of the groom. They were visiting from Florida. At some point in the conversation, the husband asked us what we did for a living. It turns out that he is a recently-retired Kaiser ER physician, who knows all of the "old-timers" in my department.

It just goes to show that, as our friend Marlo (the bride) says, "San Diego is just a big small town."

Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Awesome Weekend at the Briccos

My big sis, Dayna, and her friend (and ours!), Kate, came to visit us for the weekend. I was on call and was at the hospital for seven hours on Saturday and an hour yesterday, but I was able to spend the whole day today with the girls. We went to the Zoo all morning. It's so fun to go when it's early, there aren't too many people out, and the animals are out doing things. After that, we went to Coronado for lunch. It was a very nice day.

DeeDee and Shrina will not authorize the use of their photos on this site, so I have to post pictures of MY AWESOME VALENTINO ROSSI HAT!! We know someone who knows someone who knows Valentino Rossi, the best motorcycle racer ever. Somehow, I scored an autographed hat! A hat that Vale actually touched and autographed for me!! I think that I might sleep with it under my pillow tonight.

I will never wash this hat.

Check this out:

My Rad Life!