Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More On the New

We bought this sofa and two of these chairs today.  They will be here in a couple of weeks.  Now to get rid of the old furniture.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

In With the New

This was a tough weekend--probably the most physically stressful couple of days I've had in awhile.

Our first "brick" workout was Saturday morning.  I got up early to get everything ready and drove out to Coronado to bike for an hour and then run for 15 minutes at the Silver Strand.  My calves felt like they were ripping off of my legs when I started the run, but by the time I was done I could totally understand how people get hooked on triathlon.  The rush of pushing my limits felt really good.

Then it was a quick drive home, shower and off to work, where I started off knowing that I had four procedures as the on-call person, but ended up doing a total of eight.  Unfortunately, I had also scheduled myself to do an overnight shift, so I was at work from 10:45 on Saturday morning to 9:45 on Sunday morning.  So, yeah, eight procedures, 84 studies to read, then two more procedures, then home to change clothes and go to church.

It was probably a good idea to go to Sacrament Meeting today, because one of the bishopric counselors snagged me as I was going out the door to go home and sleep.  There is a new calling in my future, one that I have felt for the past couple of years was where I was headed.  I'm sad to leave my Stake Primary calling, but definitely ready for this new challenge, and so excited to work with the people with whom I will be serving.  Full report to follow, but I won't say more until it's official.

Lastly, I have a wild hair right now to get new furniture for our living room.  It's a tiny space, so I was thinking that a smaller sofa and a couple of comfortable chairs would be good.  This decorating madness probably was brought on by our visit last weekend at my Mom and Dad's and sister's in Austin.

My parents just moved to a new home in Georgetown, TX.  It's the first home that they're built themselves, and it's just perfect for them.  They chose lovely colors, and the layout is really nice.  They are very happy in it, and I can see why.  It was also my first trip to my sister's "new" house, though she has lived there for two years or more.  She can really put things together well, and every one of her homes has been attractive and comfortable.

Monday, July 4, 2011

What Have I Been Up To?

Swimming with my team.

Riding with my team.

Running with my team.
Pole dancing for the cause!
If you've been meaning to donate to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, now's the time to act!  Thanks to the many generous people who have donated, including the twelve wonderful women who joined me at my fundraising activity last Thursday, I am about $1,700 from my goal.  So, if you break it down, I only need 100 friends to donate $17, or 50 friends to donate $34, or 25 friends to donate $68...you get the idea.

You can donate online here, or you can mail me a check payable to CCFA, or otherwise just contact me and I'll get you lined out.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Has It Really Been Thirty Years?

My 30-year high school reunion is tonight in Boise, Idaho. I have reconnected with some of my classmates through Facebook.  People really have grown up into lovely adults with interesting and productive lives.  Although it would have been fun to see people and catch up, all I would have been able to do is fly up there this morning, go to the dinner tonight and fly out tomorrow.

Thirty years!  Crap!  It hardly seems possible. A lot has changed.  I'm now perimenopausal, for one thing.  Ugh.  And I've been married twice, gotten three degrees, lived all over the US and traveled the world.  Wow. 
As you may be able to tell from this picture, I've gained a pound a year for the last 30 years.  Double ugh! Thirty years from now, I'll probably be a great-grandma. I refuse to be 30 more pounds heavier then.

But anyway, feast on the awkwardness(and skinniness) that was me as a 16-year-old Borah Lionette...
My Rad Life!