Monday, June 20, 2011

This Guy Can Rock a Cap and Gown

Here's to at least one more graduation in his future!

We are so happy he made it this far.  Now he needs to get a job.  Anyone in San Diego with an entry-level job for a good kid?  If he doesn't get a job here in the next few days, he's going back to Utah, where he has better chances for work.  I'll miss the little shaver.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Girl Crush

I am enamored with this site.  So into it, in fact, that I bought a knit jersey maxi skirt from Old Navy after loving Elaine's styling of a similar skirt.  I've worn said skirt at least five times in the last two weeks, including to K's graduation (posting of which will happen as soon as I can get some pics from Jo or Lezlie).  Now I want that striped skirt from F21.  It's only $6.80.  It will probably be long-enough on me because I have short legs.  There's also a wide-striped, knit maxi dress for less than $18.

I do need a new swim cap and a Father's Day present for RStar.  Perhaps I'll shop a little more.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcome, Hammond!

Sorry for the poor res.  I'm doing this on the fly.

Here he is dressed in a tuxedo.

And here he is in our driveway in a tuxedo.  The salesman referred to him as a "penguin" model, but he's really a hamster in a tuxedo.

I Haven't Seen So Many Kickstands Since Grade School

There was a wide variety of bicycles at our team workout today.  It was everything from my gorgeous piece of machinery to easily ten- or fifteen-year-old Schwinns or Huffys. 

Needless to say, I will need to supplement my group rides from here on out.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Feel Happy of Myself!

I have completed each day's triathlon training workout this week, an unusual feat for me.  A quote from a two-year-old Runner's World sitting in my bathroom was helpful this week:  I have never regretted going on a run, but I have regretted skipping one."  And then today, as I was struggling to swim laps at 6:30 am in the local pool while all of the septuagenarians around me were making it look easy, I reminded myself that it only matters that I am out there putting the time in.  Someday, I can be like them if I keep going.

My friend, Kathryn, shared this video on Facebook today.  It perfectly fit my frame of mind.

Kid Gives Speech After Learning To Ride A Bike - Watch more Funny Videos

Now, I've seen and heard some darling things this week, like Bradlee dancing beautifully and un-selfconsciously in the lobby of the movie theater, and Brock picking up his mitt and saying, "It's my baseball puppet!"  But this video totally made my week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Break-Up

I think that I'm going to have to break up with Hansel.  Sure he's gorgeous, zippy and we look good together.  But he's been unreliable, and our lifestyles don't completely match.  He left me in a lurch twice on Friday, refusing to take me home until Rowdy came and kicked some sense into him, then flaking out just an hour later after a long drive.  I think he needs a new alternator.

Where will I turn after I dump Hansel?  Here are two ideas:

I would call this one Hammond, after Richard Hammond from Top Gear.

This one would be Valentino, or Vale. 
My Rad Life!