Sunday, January 14, 2018

Have Skills, Will Travel

My travels have taken me to the frozen Northeast.  That's okay.  It's been cold in my town lately, too.

If going to cultural events and visiting friends were my goals for using my free time during my prior assignment, then visiting friends and family, and searching for my ancestors are goals for this assignment.  Fortunately, I'll be here off an on through March, so I'll be able to get around to my many friends and even make it down to Princeton to see my East Coast grandnuggets. 

Some of my ancestors on my father's side were in New Hampshire around the time of the Revolutionary War.  I've already located the burial place of one of them, just an hour and a half's drive away. 

It's so much nicer to be in an extended-stay hotel with a real (although Barbie-sized) kitchen and a sitting area.

It's nice to start the week with things put away and organized.  My husband will definitely laugh when he sees these pictures.  I'm never so tidy at home.

Two things I really missed during my last assignment were an extra blanket (aka "accessory blanket") and a small extra pillow.  I like having an extra blanket to wrap up in when I'm on the sofa.  Hotel pillows are often not as flat as I like.

My Rad Life!